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Forklift Battery Charging – Novolac Acid Resistant Coatings

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Protective coatings for Forklift Charging Areas – Novolac Epoxy

For over 29+ years, facility managers have trusted us with their large warehouse and distribution center floor coating projects. We are the most trusted choice for novolac epoxy installation contractor! Acid resistant flooring is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including battery charging areas, chemical storage areas, wastewater treatment plants and chemical processing facilities. We install coatings for new construction as well as resurfacing existing protective floor systems.

Concrete, according to the Portland Cement Association, is especially vulnerable to acids. Acidic liquid seeps into concrete pores and eats away at the flooring. This is disastrous in battery rooms, where forklifts and battery handling equipment require superflat, smooth floors to function properly.

The novolac epoxy coating protects the concrete itself, as well as the soil and environment below the slab, from harmful accidental acid spills that are common in areas where forklifts and other large machinery are charged.

Common areas for novolac epoxy installtion

Since 1994, our crews have provided the safe installation of quality floor systems. Proper acid resistant coatings help our customers provide a safe and clean facility. Our experienced crews have the knowledge to install quality novolac epoxy coatings in your forklift battery charging areas.

Acid Resistant Novolac Coating for Forklift Battery Charging Areas

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